Refund Policies

Vive Sano will not reimburse the cost of tuition and/or monthly payment and/or acquisition of the service for reasons beyond those of the institution, however there may be several exceptions depending on the country (and the method of payment) or institutional reasons, where reimbursement may be made in the following terms:

  • Argentina – 10 days
  • Chile – 10 days
  • Colombia – 5 days
  • Ecuador – 3 days
  • Mexico – 5 days
  • Peru – 30 days
  • Uruguay – 5 days
  • Brazil – 7 days from the purchase of the course if the consumer requests it before it begins.
  • Other countries: 0 days

Students will receive a full refund if the product or service is cancelled after the registration period but before the start of the course.